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Do you feel sometimes like a villain in your CPAP mask?

Are you new to CPAP / BiPAP therapy, or feel as though you are being strangled with the mask, tubing and pressure, then a CPAP Clinic can help.

Our clinics are conducted under the direction and supervision of the Board Certified Sleep Physician. You will meet one-on-one with our Clinical Sleep Educators to review your equipment and therapy, while discussing any issues or concerns you might have. Our trained staff can refit with an appropriate mask, adjust therapy pressures or recommend additional or different treatment options to ensure your sleep disordered breathing is controlled.

Remember, just because its called CPAP Clinic, IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT CPAP. There are many different ways to treat your sleep related breathing disorder, we just need an opportunity to identify your individual needs. Call us today to schedule your CPAP Clinic.

***If you do not see our sleep specialist, we can still provide a CPAP clinic for equipment check, download and for recommendations to your current health care provider. We will also facilitate prescriptions for new equipment. Cost of a Clinic is $40, 30 minute session with a Sleep Technologist Certified in Clinical Sleep Health***

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